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Written on November 25, 2009 by Charlie Judy in Appreciation

tip-of-the-hat-1069704I’m tired of hearing about what’s wrong with corporate America, getting a regular inventory of all the things employers should do better, and generally watching the workforce lament over getting beaten down again and again.  Do me a favor and get over it…even if just for this week of Thanksgiving.  Play along with me here.  I’m thankful:

  • That I have a paycheck directly deposited into my checking account every two weeks without fail
  • That my employer will provide for me (or at least partially) if I get sick and can’t work
  • That my employer allows me to take time away from the office to spend with my family and pays me to do so
  • For affordable healthcare coverage that gives my loved ones access to world-class medical expertise
  • For an air-conditioned office
  • For social security, state, federal, unemployment, and other miscellaneous taxes paid on my behalf by the company
  • For some reasonable chance of getting a severance package if I were ever separated from the organization
  • For access to free regular training
  • For exposure to people who know more than I about a lot of things and the ongoing learning that comes with it
  • For a daily commute that’s less than 20 minutes
  • That I have a boss who is patient with me, lets me make mistakes, and pretty much gets out-of-the-way
  • That I have a team that is patient with me, lets me make mistakes, and pretty much pushes me out-of-the-way
  • That I work for a company that does good things for its customers and genuinely tries to do what’s right for its employees
  • For enough travel to get away from time to time, but not so much that I miss out on what really matters at home
  • For an environment that has a 100:1 cool employee to asshole employee ratio
  • For a qualified retirement plan to which my employer makes matching contributions
  • That I have to work only a  few weekends here and there
  • For something to go to every day which keeps me off the streets and out of trouble…

There is something liberating about this exercise.  Count your blessings and show the love.  Give the benefit of the doubt, have some faith, and remember it’s not all about you.  Tell us (and your employer) what you’re thankful for and I’ll Share Your Thanks with Twitterland (#EmployerThx).

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