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Written on May 26, 2010 by Charlie in Communication, Environment pighead-7653455

Blogging about politics, in my mind, is kind of like talking about it at the dinner table.  It spoils appetites (although, the number of actual political blogs out there would suggest otherwise). Writing about it on an HR blog is even worse.  But I’m going to do it today…kind of.  And I promise I’ll weave it into the workplace…

Last night I got into a little bit of a heated tweeted exchange with a follower who was ranting about Obama’s decision not to speak at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day.  In my opinion, he was blab blab blabbing because all of his right-wing sheep were doing the same…and he’s a sheep…and he’s comfortable following others that look and sound like him.  At any rate, I think people who stay too far on either end of the political spectrum are close-minded nincompoops. Generalization? Maybe.  In mankind’s long (short) history, though, one thing is clearly clear.  No one is right all of the time and everything has at least two sides to it! End of story.  So if that’s the case, why do we spend so much more time preaching from the same pulpit as our constituents than we do listening to, challenging, and considering the opposing position? If one enters a discussion with a bias set in concrete, then they shouldn’t even be allowed to the table.  Because if they are, it’s no longer a discussion. It’s a shouting match.  And that’s tiresome to say the least.  Seriously, if you read the tweet stream from last night it sounds like two 5th graders on the playground…”I know you are, but what am I? I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.” And in the end, no influence was made on our respective opinions.

Next time you think someone in the office is full of shit, be sure to tell them that.  But then spend some time showing that you’re genuinely interested in understanding where their head is; not because you want to challenge them, but because you want to challenge yourself! You’re just as close-minded as they if you don’t leave the conversation with a more informed understanding. Understanding doesn’t mean acceptance or agreement…it just means you’re suddenly smarter. And if more of us did this in the workplace, productivity, better decisions, and fun fun fun would abound.

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