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I really haven’t spent a lot of time down on the Expo floor at SHRM’s 2010 Annual Conference.  If you’ve ever been to a large industry show, you know that the floor is loaded with over-zealous vendors pushing the “latest and greatest” to throngs of people who at the end of the day probably have very little influence on buying decisions in their organization anyway. It’s mostly about the free stuff – pens, desk pads, fuzzy dice. There’s been a lot of talk about the swag exchange around here – it is an economy in and of itself. I saw a woman loaded down with so much stuff yesterday that she had some of it tied to her person for lack of room in her bags.

Rarely do I find the interest or need to promote a particular vendor. But I feel compelled to do that today. I ranted in a blog post back in April (Buyer Be(a)ware) about how difficult…really impossible…it is for a job seeker to get the inside scoop on an organization before signing their lives away to it. I don’t care how many people you meet, how many questions you ask in your interviews, or how much research you do on a company; the “leap of faith” required for any prospective employee is gigantic. That leap is getting smaller thanks to Glassdoor. Committed to giving us “an inside look at jobs and companies,” Glassdoor does something no other resource has been able to reasonably accomplish: provide meaningful, down-to-earth, uncensored feedback from real employees on their company. Pros, Cons, and Advice to Senior Management…easy to find, and easy to digest. Their rating system is pretty cool and I’m guessing their salaries data is actually more reliable than most of what’s out there (btw, please don’t spend a lot of time on – it’s misleading in a sucky way.) Even better, it’s free (unlike

So here’s the deal, go to Glassdoor and give a review on your company. But more importantly, encourage your employees…seriously…to do the same. Send out a blanket message inviting them to do so. Let them know you plan on using it as an important input to your people strategies. Make it your suggestion box. Why not? I bet you’ll get some juicy stuff that’s actionable and goes well beyond anything you’ll get from your existing check-the-box employee survey. Check it out!

*HR Fishbowl is not affiliated with Glassdoor in any form or fashion.

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