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Uhhh Ohhh…I Got a Real Job!

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Most of you know I lost my job on May 31, 2010. I was the Senior Vice President of Shared Services for a public company that went bankrupt and was ultimately bought out by a private equity firm. That firm decided several other executives and I were no longer important to the future of the company. It hurt, but I’m cool with it…business is business. Since then I’ve been in a career evaluation deep dive (some would call it a “free fall”). Should I go it alone? Should I go back to Corporate America? Should I move to the British Virgin Islands and open a bar? It has been an interesting discovery for me and my family. And it quite frankly has been exhausting. I am pleased to announce that after 60 days that process has finally reached an end.

I grew up in the world of Professional Services – spending 13 years with Deloitte, one of the largest global firms. It is an environment I am very comfortable with and have enjoyed immensely. And it is one I believe has a bright future. That is why I am thrilled to have accepted an offer from Navigant Consulting, Inc. (NCI) to be their Global Director of Human Capital, Strategic Development/Operations. The title is a mouth-full, but so is the job. With more than 2,500 employees across North America, Europe, and Asia, Navigant helps clients respond to industry and market factors that create uncertainty and corporate exposure. In my role I’ll work with each of the functional HR directors to optimize their strategies and operations, to bring a “next-generation” of people practices to the organization, and to strengthen the career experience for its growing world-class talent base.

As you’ve hopefully seen from my blog, I’m all about “the trenches.” I like to get my hands dirty, I like to hang with the employees, and I like to more directly experience the myriad challenges an employer regularly faces. I thankfully realized I shouldn’t wander too far from those trenches; I still have lots to learn as an HR executive, and I’m convinced Navigant will throw me right into the deep end. I’m down with that.

Navigant has specifically asked me to maintain my presence in the HR blogosphere – I’m really happy about that. And to that end, I will look forward to the ongoing dialog with you and its resulting impact on our great profession. In the meantime, please accept my heartfelt thanks for all of your support, counsel, and encouragement as I searched for the right place to hang my hat. I really think (and hope) I found it!

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  • Sharlyn Lauby

    Congrats! It sounds like an exciting opportunity.
    Sharlyn Lauby´s last [type] ..7 Links Challenge

  • Jennifer McClure

    Congratulations on the new gig Charlie! This sounds like a role you’re well suited for and I look forward to continuing to learn from you as you take on new challenges. Keep up the good work and do great things!

  • Frannyo

    HOT damn. Navigant won the HR leader lottery with you. Congrats to you both.

  • akaBruno

    Congrats on the new position, Charlie.

  • John

    That’s awesome news. Congratulations and the peeps that you get to interact with are really lucky.

  • Bryon Abramowitz

    Congrats on the new role. I’m confident that you’ll knock ‘em dead
    Bryon Abramowitz´s last [type] ..Is Enterprise Software Dead

  • Shannon Kluczny

    Congratulations, Charlie! Well deserved. Best things come to those who wait!!

  • Crystal Peterson

    Terrific news! Congrats, Charlie!
    Crystal Peterson´s last [type] ..A Waitress- A Pizza and Facebook- Oh My

  • HRMargo

    Oh I am so excited for you. This is wonderful news. No more HireFriday for you pal (except for when you are hiring, then I totally want you to snag someone from our community.)

    Hurray for you.


  • Mary Ellen


  • Trish McFarlane

    Thrilled for you and your family. And, how cool that they embrace your social media presence too. We definitely need your voice here to support all of us in the trenches. Cheers!
    Trish McFarlane´s last [type] ..Pulling Back the Curtain on Bloggers

  • Karen Siwak

    Congratulations to Navigant, who had the insight to recognize top talent when they see it. And to you, of course, Charlie!

  • Michael VanDervort

    Very congrats, buddy! Sounds like a great opportunity. I especially like the sound of that “Global” title. That is one thing I still yearn to do – International work…

    and you get to keep the blog, how encouraging and progressive of your new company!

    Big kudos!

    Michael VanDervort´s last [type] ..7 pragmatic questions businesses should ask about social media

  • China Gorman

    Hey, Charlie, this is great news. Makes me a little more confident in my search to know that there really are some great jobs out there! Have fun with the global part of the new gig. You’ll love it and learn a lot. Be well,

  • Benjamin McCall

    Dude congratulations. We still need to connect so if you have time before you start DM me.
    Have a great one and it sounds like a great poisition!
    Benjamin McCall´s last [type] ..Post 100- When the ‘SOCIAL’ is removed from Social Media

  • Anna

    Congratulations! How exciting! And I’m so glad we’re still going to get to read your blog!

  • Jessica Miller-Merrell


    Sweetness! I’m glad you found “your place.” I very much enjoyed talking with you at SHRM National. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!


    Jessica Miller-Merrell´s last [type] ..Labeling &amp Living on the Generational Cusp

  • laurie ruettimann

    Congrats, but no more afternoon naps. Boo.
    laurie ruettimann´s last [type] ..Trust but Verify

  • Charlie

    thanks so much to all of you. it has been my pleasure getting to know you over the last 9 months and i very much look forward to more. this network has been so supportive and you’re all a big part of that. again, thanks for everything!

  • Kevin Bruny

    Really good news for you and Navigant. Congrats and glad to have you back in the trenches with us Charlie!

  • Richard Sherman

    I’m just getting caught up, and wanted add my voice to the congratulations and best wishes for an amazing next chapter! Thank you for keeping a focus for those of us in the trenches, and I am envious of your new team who will get to have you leading them! Good on you!
    All the best!
    Richard Sherman´s last [type] ..Bus Story- It’s a Direction- a Martini Option- and a State of Being

  • Mary Plumstead

    Oh darn, Charlie! I just recently discovered you and your excellent blog (I know…where have I been?). I have been enjoying reading past posts and can probably be heard from afar applauding your ‘breath of fresh air’ philosophy! You are clearly cut from some unique and powerful cloth and Navigant islucky to have you. I sincerely hope they do encourage you to keep blogging — and that you have the time!
    Best of luck to you!

  • Charlie

    @Richard & @Mary – thanks for the kind words and well wishes. as for the blog, i’m not going any where and i look forward to continued contact with you both! take care.

  • Shennee

    So happy you landed! Navigant is a Great company, and it sounds like a Great Job. Keep in touch, It was so nice meeting you in Chicago!