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Written on September 1, 2010 by Charlie in #TrenchHR, HR Profession

trenches1-7609614I don’t think it’s impossible to blog and work a full-time job at the same time, but I will freely admit it’s a real bitch to do so during the first few weeks (maybe months) on a NEW full-time job. I know the pros out there will gladly prove me wrong…and others will just say “quit your whining.”  But after what usually amounts to a 12 hour day – with no real incentive to go home at night (i.e. either in a hotel or corporate apartment) – it’s really hard to pick up the computer for anything other than a quick Skypevideo call with my kids. This is at the heart of what I believe is missing from the HR blogosphere: it’s really hard to get good HR insight from HR professionals on the ground, in the trenches, working with the people in a corporate environment because….well, because they are in a corporate environment. We have two unique hurdles:

1) We are bound to the typical American work day – 8:00 ’til….who knows when; we have less flexibility (yes, it’s really true) in when we can write; and our “off-hours” are spent catching up with those who unfortunately see us much less than our colleagues at work

B) There’s a constant internal struggle with what’s appropriate to post given our commitment to promoting and preserving our employer’s brand. People who read my blog like the cold, hard, truth. I’m not saying I can’t still tell it like I see it; it’s just a bit more challenging to do so right now

On the flip side, we have plenty of relevant fodder for challenging, enhancing, and directing HR’s agenda. And that is why I remain committed to helping to fill this void. Have faith that the HR Fishbowl is alive and well as a staging point for experience-based-dialog around creating lasting and meaningful experiences for our people. It may be a few more days/weeks before you start to see consistent activity again, but stay close…

As always, thanks for your continued patience and support.

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