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Written on October 13, 2010 by Charlie in #TrenchHR, Theory

fish-bowl-cake-240x300-5256720HR Fishbowl was developed primarily as a platform for debate and sprouted from the rapidly evolving role of social media in HR practice development. As of today, that debate has been raging for a year. And I still believe that HR’s relentless effort to redefine itself has resulted in an “over-engineered” approach to caring and feeding for the workplace. I remain concerned that HR’s real value has diminished, not strengthened, as a result.  And I maintain that getting back to the basics of strong connections, good relationships, personal attention, and simplified processes is more important than anything the broader HR community is currently focused on.

The blogging journey, though, has helped me evolve and mature my thinking around so many things. A few of them stick out…

  • There are so many bright, talented, and envelope-pushing HR practitioners out there; while their collective voice is still soft, it is getting louder and louder every day
  • We HR folk have a natural affinity for connecting with one another; the blogosphere, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media help us do that at a feverish pace
  • So many organizations continue to do the same-old-same-old with their people practices; they are stymied by the belief that their organizations are “not ready” for blue ocean change in how we support, challenge, and advance our employees – change that will ultimately render their competition irrelevant
  • We, like most humans, are easily dazzled by the new shiny stuff and the social media community constantly barrages us with “the next big thing”; we don’t always have to think big in order to innovate, create, and impact so don’t let those shiny things hypnotize you
  • Consultants and vendors who cater to the HR profession and industry come to the table with an entirely different perspective than those of you HR pros who are in the trenches dealing with people who depend upon the HR community for real-life/real-time guidance and support; they will attempt to convince you otherwise, but pragmatism plays a role in what we do every day…it just does…end of story
  • This profession and industry has so much potential it’s scary…like crazy scary!

It has been a life-altering pleasure for me to become more involved in this movement. That you all have welcomed me, accepted me, and actually agree with me from time to time is both humbling and exhilarating at the same time. Thank you for that! And thank you for perpetuating our cause!

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