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I’m busy. I’m tired. It’s cold. The winter already seems interminable and I miss that bright star we supposedly orbit. I just want to see it from time to time. These conditions don’t do any favors to my creative flow. I really don’t have too much to say right now…certainly nothing that’s really all that interesting. And nothing that hasn’t been said before. I worry that I say the same thing over and over again. In fact, I worry we all say the same things over and over again. We may package and present them differently. But when it comes down to it, it’s all the same shit. Want some of your time back so you can do something truly meaningful with your lives? Take a break from the blogosphere. I mean seriously, get a freakin’ life. Worried you’ll miss something? Here: I’ll assuage your concerns. The following  pretty much sums up everything that has been said by Human Resources and Talent Management Bloggers  over the last twelve months and it should just about take care of  anything that will be said in the next twelve.

We HR clowns have some issues, our profession is going through some growing pains, we’re evolving but probably not as quickly as we should, we’ve got a lot of smart people who are helping us take a bunch of steps forward, but we’ve got a lot of idiots who keep holding us back, we’re better business people than we’ve ever been, we’re hot stuff when it comes to technology, we’re more prolific than any other profession in social media…

and we like to talk to each other mostly because no one else will listen.

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  • Jay Kuhns

    Funny post Charlie. Here’s my counterpoint: Why do we post speed limits signs every 500 yards on the highway? Because adults need lots of reminders as to what is important. The same holds true for us in the HR blogosphere.

    I hope that star shines brightly for you again soon my friend!
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  • Dave Ryan

    Funny post Charlie, I am just sitting here looking out the window at the snow. Twenty inches is forecast for the next 24 hours. Just another slit your wrist Tuesday.

  • Richard Sherman

    Strangely enough, the ever-grey Emerald City is having sunshine…for a moment. So as soon as your airports clear, y’all come visit. And we will drink and not talk about HR, social media as it relates to employees relations, strategies or any of it.

    I have been wondering why, even with the sun-shining, there is a grayness, and you’ve hit it right on. We’re having many of the same conversations and we need to remember to step back and away from time to time. Love the recap/futurecast – spot on.

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