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Written on January 20, 2011 by RichieC in Guest Post, Relationships

Another guest post from Richie Coladarci. We’re glad he’s becoming more of a regular around here...

It’s a strange time for anyone, that lame duck stage after you’ve given your notice. You sit in on meetings and the same hotly contested debates are suddenly background noise. You used to return all calls and emails, but now you’re selective about whom you want to busy your time with. You used to offer up new ideas, but now cruise control is a whole lot easier, even justifiable. And you know what? That’s ok. I get it. You’re on to bigger and better things and your day-to-day grind is not that hard to let go. In fact, it’s kind of easy. Kind of fun.

Here’s the part that gets to me. A few weeks later, you’ve started your new job and I am seeing you and hearing about you more than when you worked here. And here I thought you had this “letting go” thing down. Don’t get me wrong…loved having you around, but we’re already figuring out how to replace you (sorry – I know that may hurt your ego). And we may be looking for someone who brings an entirely different skill set, or who just does your job better (that one definitely has to sting).

Also, when you come back to visit you tell everyone about how great things are at your new company, whether you believe it to be true or not. Not quite sure if you realize it, but this tends to not be a morale booster here.

So do me a favor, resist that urge to call. And how about waiting a couple months before you stop by. Aren’t you busy with that shiny new job anyway?

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