Spread Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way

Thanks for the great guest post, Richie Coladarci…


In what seems like the blink of an eye, I’ve been living or working in Brooklyn, NY for 10 years now. And I love it. But one thing I’ve noticed here in the borough is how relationships permeate boundaries (I’m sure it’s the case across the rest of NYC and elsewhere, but this way I get to quote the Notorious B.I.G. Anyway, I’m talking about the personal creeping into the professional, the favors, and the “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” mentality.

For example, someone’s got a friend that is starting a company.  At this point he has no real business plan. No experience. No polish.

No matter.

This someone says you might be able to use his friend’s services.  I’m all about spreadin’ the love and am happy to set up a courtesy meeting. But if you’re going to ask for my (precious) time, please 1) come prepared 2) don’t be offended when I offer feedback, ask questions, challenge, or mention an RFP, 3) at least think about how you might help me, and 4) realize that I value my job and reputation just as much as you (supposedly) value the relationship that got you through my door.

I don’t always need something in return. But ‘give and take’ or ‘tit for tat’ is the basis for any meaningful relationship…economy…market…business…human interaction. I want in, Brooklyn; really, I do. You just need to bend a little and know that for me, it’s BOTH the relationship AND what else you’re bringing to the table.

Image Credit: Fon-tina