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Easter is upon us. For those of us who claim to be Christians – and by some estimates, that’s 33% of us across the globe – it’s a time of renewal, of hope, and forgiveness. I was raised a devout Catholic, went to a Jesuit High School, and then – for a variety of reasons – grew more distant from the Church. But while my affiliation with “the institution” has certainly deteriorated, my faith continues to play a role in my life…and I suspect it always will. Irrespective of who or what your “higher power” is, there are a number of reasons for having one around; I lean on mine quite a bit. This is not a blog for theology, religion, or faith; it is one for the workplace. And even though I’m all for separation of Church and State and don’t necessarily believe the workplace is a place for “worship,” I do think there is much about what we’re taught by our higher power…and often the institutions surrounding it…that aptly apply to the world of work. I also think much of the kinder gentler stuff we practice in our lives unfortunately goes out the window when we get to our desks.

So this week and next, as Easter comes and goes, think about what you can do to ‘forgive’ at work. Give someone that break you might not ordinarily grant. Let go of that grudge you’ve been holding on that asshole down the hall. Be a bit more liberal with second chances. Hold your tongue a bit longer when someone rubs you the wrong way. Call someone and tell them you’re sorry for that time you lost it with them on the phone or the time you sent that nasty Email. Slacken your jaw, stop grinding your teeth, and let things go…most of it is not really worth it...and all of it is stuff you really don’t have any control over any way. Let it go. Renew. Hope. Forgive.

Have a very Happy Easter!

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