It All Comes Down to this…and it Makes me Anxious!

My platform is simple…it hasn’t changed a whole lot over the last couple of years. I’ve made some revisions to it as I’ve picked up things along the way, but by-and-large it boils down to one thing: we over-engineer the hell out of how we do our jobs as Human Resources professionals. In our attempt to be “more strategic” we lost sight of the power of simple human interactions, quality relationships, strong communication, and a relaxed and open environment that promotes individuality. We’ve gotten really good at implementing process, protocol, systems, rules, and programs; but they’ve all been in the interest of the “employee unit”  - just another “asset” to the business – not the individual human being who has willfully chosen to engage with the company.  It turns out we’re not entirely to blame for this misalignment. Organizations – particularly large(r) ones – are notorious for creating undue complexity. We all get mired in it to the point it keeps us from (really) focusing on our jobs. It’s comical at some levels, but terribly frustrating at others. Someone said to me the other day, “‘simplicity’ doesn’t scale.” That’s bullshit…and a cop out. It’s just hard to make things easy.

One of my (anonymous) subscribers recently sent me an Email with a cute little cartoon in it. Its message is clear…and oh so simple. So I turned it into a video and thought I’d share it with you. I believe that much of what’s wrong in the world of Talent Management and Employee Engagement comes down to this…and it makes me quite anxious…because it’s futile, and stupid, and frustrating, and ahhhhhhh! You?

Image Credit: demandaj

One Response to It All Comes Down to this…and it Makes me Anxious!
  1. Dave
    June 18, 2011 | 12:08 am

    Funny stuff, Charlie. I’ve always said the only purpose of a bureaucracy is to grow.

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