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So I’m packing my bags and heading west tomorrow. Vegas, that is. My personal tolerance threshold for the Adult Disneyland is usually about two nights. Since I’ll be there this time for five nights, I’ll either be a raving lunatic, face down in a ditch, or simply deflated when I head home. I’m hoping and praying for the later. The good news is that I’ll have plenty of distractions, lots of amazingly talented people to hang out with, a good healthy dose of learning, and a lot of writing to keep me busy. You all know I’m a huge supporter of SHRM and its Annual Conference and Exposition. I’m not sure I’d want to spend this week any other way…

I toiled over my conference schedule the last couple of days. As a member of SHRM’s press corps, along with a lot of other really good Talent Management Bloggers and Journalists, the trick is to pack your day with content worthy stuff. I always try to find the right balance between session attendance, interviews, and walking the expo floor. For those of you who might be following along at home, I’d encourage you to stay tuned to a couple of sources.

Smartbrief on Workforce – a news aggregator that will be operating live from Vegas and compiling worthy posts.

HR Blogger – a pretty complete list of the bloggers, vloggers, and live web radio producers who will be transmitting from the press room.

Monster Thinking – has a really good list of ten bloggers they recommend you follow during the gig.

The #SHRM11 Twitter Stream – it will make your eyes cross, but you’re bound to find some gold there.

And, of course, HR Fishbowl…

Just so you know, these are the sessions and networking events I’m planning on attending (subject to change) and all the interviews I’m planning on conducting. Each will hopefully result in some good content to share with all of you…

  • Event: TLNTup Event
  • Event: SHRM Official Tweetup
  • Event: Employers Connect cocktail party hosted by CareerArc Group and DirectEmployers Association
  • Session: Arriana Huffington, Keynote
  • Session: Practitioner Exchange
  • Session: East Meets West: Are We Ready For An Asia Century?
  • Session: Tony Hsieh, Keynote
  • Session: You’ve Cost Cut and You’ve Downsized…Now Build A Culture of Innovation Through Enhanced Creative Thinking
  • Session: Great Minds DO NOT Think Alike! Putting Cognitive Diversity to Work for Your Organization
  • Session: Michael J. Fox, Keynote
  • Interview: Rick Marini, BranchOut CEO
  • Interview: Robin D. Richards, Chairman & CEO of CareerArc Group
  • Interview: Jeff Szczepanski, Vice President of Stack Overflow
  • Interview: Samanth Zupan, Glassdoor
  • Interview: Rosemary  Haefner, VP of HR for Career Builder
  • Interview: Steven Paskoff, CEO, Employment Learning Innovations (ELI)
  • Interview: An Executive To Be Named, GiveBack

Interspersed will be lots of time on the expo floor mixing and mingling with some of the better Talent Management companies out there; I will endeavor to register for (and lose) ever possible Ipad giveaway. But I do all this for you. That’s right…for you.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

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