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It’s been a week since the Annual Illinois State SHRM Conference wrapped up here in Chicago (Oakbrook). We left feeling smarter, invigorated, maybe even optimistic about our profession, its future, and the tremendous value we might bring our organizations. And then we fell back into our routines and fell prey to the competing priorities, multiple commitments, and the myriad distractions that pepper our lives. And it suddenly got harder to keep that energy flowing. The batteries started to drain and the lights dim. That’s cool…it happens…and it’s not really your fault.

The beauty of this year’s conference was that many of the presenters and speakers share their goodness each and every day through their blogs. You don’t have to wait until the next conference for them to impart their wisdom. Subscribe to their blogs (all it takes is a ‘click’ and zero dollars) and their knowledge, expertise, perspective will automatically flow to your Readers (or your Email box if you prefer) with tender loving care. Here’s a beginners guide to who you might strongly consider subscribing to. All of these Talent Management Bloggers were at the 2011 Illinois SHRM Conference.

In no particular order…

The Blog of Ryan Estis, Passion on Purpose: “[His] premise is passion at work occurs most often when the right person, in the right job is supported through very intentional and strategic action by an organization. Where leadership is aligned with the mission, vision and values and employees are the ultimate extension of the brand.”

The Joe Gerstandt Blog, Illuminating the Value of Difference: “…helping people and groups of people truly understand diversity, inclusion, and culture so they can deliver better on their promises. His work is not about tolerance, sensitivity, or compliance; it’s about letting the dog off the leash.”

The Jason Lauritsen Blog, Transforming Business through Talent: “…[helping] transform human resources teams into business leaders who help the organization succeed by unleashing the talent of its people.”

The China Gorman Blog: ”Leading organizations that support HR professionals all over the world in making their organizations more competitive and more profitable with highly engaged and productive employees.”

Lean HR Blog, Dwane Lay: “…a firm believer that everyone should spend some of their formative years in a function other than the one they choose as their career path.”

Unbridled Talent, Jennifer McClure: “recruiting/social recruiting, employment branding and leadership/career development”

HR Schoolhouse, Robin Schooling: “there’s a need for folks in HR to keep learning and growing and [she] encourages curiosity, conversation and change.”

The Working Caregiver, Susan Avello: “walking you through work / life issues while sharing [her] own.”

The Human Racehorses, Mike Vandervort: “[shares his] thoughts, rants, advice, training and consulting in human resources, labor relations, and social media.”

The Tim Sackett Project, Tim Sackett: “open dialogue with other HR/Talent Pros…to help in [his] development as a professional and to throw out ideas that challenge our daily perception of how HR should be done.”

Marenated, Maren Hogan: “travel…technology…recruiting/HR…parenting/marriage…boots/cereal”

HR Tailgate, John Jorgensen: “discussing all things HR and then some…”

Rogers HR Warrior, Donna Rogers: “much “to do” about the Illiniois State Council of SHRM”

Radical Recruit, Geoff Webb: recruiting, talent, social media, and lots of video.

The Jason Seiden Blog, Jason Seiden: “[his] blog is profersonal™. It blurs the line between professional and personal”

Blogging 4 Jobs, Jessica Miller-Merrell: “intended to be honest, creative, and offer an unconventional POV for the HR, Business, & Human Capital Management industries.”

HR Chatterbox, Sabrina Baker: “All things HR…with special attention given to leadership, communication and building relationships. ”

H.R. Official, Dave Ryan: “making light of both of his passions of hockey and human resources.”

HR Soot, William Gould: “learning through the incomplete combustion of people matters.”

Just Joan, Joan Ginsberg: “Where business meets personal, because you can’t separate work and life.”

Lunch Conversations with Drive Thru HR, William Tincup and Bryan Wempen: hear from real HR peeps (#TrenchHR) about the great things they are doing in the world of talent…on live radio…every day.

This isn’t a list of the “best” bloggers. Despite what the badges on my sidebar might tell you, there really is no such thing. The greatest thing about blogs is that everyone has their voice…you just have to find the ones that speak to you most. Pick a few from this list of great HR speakers, experts, pundits and subscribe to their blogs: click through and read their posts every now and then. You’ll laugh a bunch, scratch your head, and probably get angry and grind your teeth here and there; your perspective will broaden and you’ll challenge yourself maybe more than anyone else can. But more importantly, you’ll stay well connected to the Illinois SHRM community and the HR profession…in perpetuity.

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Note: If I excluded your blog from this mention, please excuse me; it certainly wasn’t intentional. I’ll be glad to add it…don’t be shy.

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