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Set ‘em Low

Yes, the world of work is riddled with headaches, frustrations, assholes, disappointments, and disengagement; but it is also the institution that makes the world go round. So on this Friday at the end of this long week, pack your bags and embark on your commute back to the comfort of home with some some semblance of the following reflection.

It is good to be affiliated with an organization that is willing to pay me for my expertise, my services, and my time; it’s good to get my hands dirty; it’s good to be involved with things that keep my mind from going all mushy; it’s good to socialize; it’s good to be seen; it’s good to be involved in something that will keep me off the street, off of drugs, and out of jail; it’s good just to be involved in something that will keep me off the couch; it’s good to be a card carrying member of the human race and a productive member of society.

Set your expectations low and they will be exceeded every time. And sometimes we all gotta do that.

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  • Jessica Smith


  • Jessica Smith

    Well put!