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Written on September 20, 2011 by Charlie in Talent Acquisition, Trench HR

As the sands of the hourglass wile away and the economy sputters along (feigning a complete stall almost every day), as tens of millions of people across the globe wander around looking for work, and while members of the European Union get hung out to dry, the U.S. Federal Government is trying to come up with a plan that will save us all. Once again we get to follow the spectacle that will be Washington politics. Never have we needed solidarity on the part of our elected leaders. Never will we be more disappointed in them…

We are so very good at talking about the problems and not very good at moving toward solutions…or at least trying them. We are adept at pointing (and giving) the finger, and not very good at looking at ourselves in the mirror. Do you know what we’re going to get from Washington when this is all said and done? A throbbing headache. And while we wait for it, it seems to me that a bunch of really big, profitable, and wildly successful organizations with a lot of really smart people with really good ideas and presence enough to command attention are sitting around with their hands in the pockets, gazing toward the ceiling, whistling aimlessly. And we wait and wait and wait. Where the hell is corporate America in fixing all of this?

Let me make this really simple, stupid. There are 14,000,000 unemployed workers in the United States right now. Almost half of them (6M) have been looking for work for more than 6 months. There are roughly 10,000,000 employers in the United States. If Corporate America could just get off it’s big fat lazy butt, stop biting its nails, and take one for the team, then each would only have to hire .7 of a person to bring the country’s unemployment rate to the lowest it has been in over 10 years. That’s an investment in less than one new employee to fix all this. Cripes, Walmart employees 2.1M people; something tells me they could afford to pick up a few more than .7.

Stop waiting for someone else to dig us out of this mess, Corporate America. Get busy putting America back to work. Each and every one of you needs to find a way to hire one employee more than you have today. Worry about how you’re going to pay for it later, you cheap bastards. Have I oversimplified this whole thing? I’m not so sure: maybe that’s exactly what we need…something simple!

One. New. Employee.

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