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By now you’ve read/heard/seen the August Jobs Report that basically told us we continue to spin our wheels in a really slick and slippery puddle of jobs-creation mud. And as with many problems plaguing society today, we’re stuck in that spin mostly because of, well…spin. We are so damn good at talking about the problems that we forget to start talking about the solution.  Forget the spin for a second and take a look at some of the talent professionals out there who are actually willing to step into mud, get their hands dirty, and muscle us toward action. I’d like to feature some of those pros from time to time and I thought I’d start with a group that is helping organizations and employers think about the oft over-looked yet incredibly viable part of the workforce – the hourly worker. The time for thinking there’s no place in your organization for the clock-puncher is long over my HR friend. Read this guest post from Hourly‘s  Bob Roth, Director of Community & Engagement, to stimulate your own thinking about where the temporary or part-time talent base might fit with your gig.


Stop listening to talk about jobs… and start working. 

Jobs. They’re the talk of the town – in your local coffee shop and living room. It’s the talk of the Nation – President Obama recently toured the Midwest to listen and talk about jobs. Presidential candidates are already stumping about jobs. Radio and TV pundits are in our face about how to create more jobs (or why we’re not creating jobs)…

That’s a lot of talk, with no action.

There’s no doubt that this is a different world than the one our parents and grandparents worked in. When McDonald’s hired 60,000 employees this past April—backfilling a lot of full-time management positions with part-timers—it was the first time in most of our lives that 3 generations of Americans competed with each other to become cashiers and cooks. No longer is the gold watch given after years of loyal service; this is the part-time job economy of the golden arches.

In her 2009 Newsweek article, “The New American Job,” Linda Stern wrote, “In this economy, a job isn’t just a job: It’s a pastiche of part-time gigs, project contracts and fill-in freelance work.” More than 60% of jobs added last year were temporary or freelance, and more than half of employers expect that they will hire more part-time workers in the next 5 years.

Hourly was created to give you the advantage in this new job economy.

Before Hourly, wading through this “gig-economy” demanded hours of searching for jobs, managing multiple online accounts, sending personal information and 100s of resumes to anonymous employers… no more! Hourly efficiently matches candidates with local jobs (and employers with local candidates) for free, covering every industry, skill or task.

When you get paid by the hour, you can’t spend hours looking for work.

Success will be in the hands of those who take control of their time—their schedules, commutes and interests—to discover the right combination of jobs that not only pay the bills, but present great opportunities. We know what it’s like—we’ve worked part-time jobs and hired part-time employees in our pasts—so we’ve made it our mission to get you back to work one job at a time.

Build a personal Hourly profile in minutes (for free) and we’ll match you with work (and candidates) in your area immediately!

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