Employee Self-Help

Every single book on the world of work is essentially directed at one audience: management. When’s the last time you came across a book that was designed to make you a better employee? We’ve been trying to fix management for decades…no, make that centuries. Have we really moved the needle that much? Why do we keep waiting for this invariably inept group to make real change? Haven’t they had their chance?

Can someone please write a book for our employees?* A self-helper-outer. How to: smile more; stop worrying about shit they can’t control; realize the grass isn’t always greener; accept others for their faults and honor them for their strengths; be more patient; stop pointing fingers and take some ownership; find purpose; unite toward a common good; stop bucking the system; give the benefit of the doubt; understand the bigger picture; get aligned with colleagues who can really make a positive impact on their career; ask for feedback…and get it; quantify and qualify their individual value; be accountable; accept change; offer solutions, not problems; appreciate all that they have; step up…take charge; speak up…

We teach employees how to do their jobs; we don’t really teach them how to be a contributing member of the working community. We teach employees how to rely on the system for help; we don’t really teach them how to help themselves.

Is there someone better equipped to fix the employment experience? How ’bout the employee?

*if and when you do write this book and make your millions while it flies off the shelves, just try to remember lil’ old me.

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  • http://www.thecaremovement.com Al Smith

    Hey Charlie. Love this post. Its not a book but, I think The CARE Movement website can help employees and management out. Not because its mine, but because it works. If we apply the CARE principles, (Communicate, Appreciate, Respect, Encourage) practice Positive Attitude Solutions and seek to Influence and Inspire Positive Change ………. we all can make a difference.

    We have a lot in commmon. I will start working on the book. Ha !

    Thanks again Charlie. Take CARE.


  • Anonymous

    thx for the comment, Al. i’ll check CARE out…and thanks for sharing it.

  • http://www.hintonandco.com/deblog Deborah Hinton

    Well… Bill Jensen has already written the book – Work 2.0. It’s a must read for anyone who works in organizations. Should have created a movement by now!

  • Anonymous

    well, not quite. bill’s book is still directed at the manager and the organization to create the environment which facilitates and supports the employee as they drive success. it’s not really directed at the employee and their role in making this happen…taking ownership and charge for what they want the organization to look like, how they want to be treated, how they need to be supported. thanks for the reference, though.

  • http://www.hintonandco.com/deblog Deborah Hinton

    Interesting take. Not how I read the manifesto at all. And of course implications for management are very clear…

  • Heather Baker

    I facilitate sessions for PAs/admin to improve their working practice and have written books on speedwriting and minute taking; business writing book due out in the new year – it’s a start!