Thank You, Yo.

In a world where our god-given right to bitch…about everything…is played out every day in pretty much every forum available, I’m so glad the American holiday of Thanksgiving comes along every 365 days. Despite my penchant for foods ridden with carbohydrates and other chemicals that induce great bouts of drowsiness (whatever that stuff is that turkey apparently deposits into our blood streams), I really do very truly receive Thanksgiving as a time to do just that: give thanks. This year I’d like to publicly give that thanks to a number of people who quite literally have changed my outlook on my career, my profession, the world of work…and life. Each of them has taught me more than I could ever hope to acquire in any traditional way. Each of them has pushed me to challenge my own self-righteous stance more than anyone else ever has…or could.

Thank you…

Laurie Ruettimann – for giving me the first glimmer of validation (and hope) that the world of work and the Human Resources Profession’s place in that world was not only in fact fucked up, but could also in fact be changed through in-your-face, take charge, accountable actions. And for being an early (and loyal) supporter of HR Fishbowl and its platform.

Mark Stelzner – for reminding me that I am not really as smart as I think I am, and for injecting a sense of humor into what is otherwise a really frustrating profession.

Jason Seiden – for calling a spade a spade and allowing me to do the same.

Thank you…

Sarah White – for singing, and dancing, and injecting (much more than) a modicum of fun into this industry. And for hangin’ when there was hangin’ to be had.

Maren Hogan – for singing, and dancing, and injecting (much more than) a modicum of fun into this industry. And for listening to me when I needed to be heard.

Mary Ellen Slayter – for her willingness to share my blog with her world, her confidence in me as an adviser, and her role as the same to me.

Thank you…

John Jorgensen – for being the God Father of the HR community and reminding us all how important it is to commune locally. And for having some inkling that I might add some value to his wildly successful Illinois SHRM conference…

Donna Rogers – for trusting John, despite her sound instincts not to.

Jason Lauritsen – for being a kindred spirit and a role model on more fronts than he possibly knows.

Thank you…

Bryan Wempen – for Cinco de Wempen and all that he does…every day…to support Trench HR and its dedicated professionals.

Steve Boese – for broadening my exposure to the “the community” and actually prompting my first tweet ever: something like, “check this HR Happy Hour thing out…looks like it might have legs.”

Dave Ryan  – for working for a company that makes donuts.

Thank You…

Paul Smith – for sharing this journey with me in some small way. And for inspiring me with his writing….lots.

Robin Schooling – for representing the “trenches” better than anyone out there, and for sharing a smoke with me every now and then…and again.

William Tincup – for being William Tincup.

Thank You…

Eric Winegardner – for giving me something to aspire to, for renewing my faith in all that is big and bright and shiny, for rushing the stage, and for being one hell of a bunk mate.

Ben Eubanks – for teaching us to be genuinely selfless.

Joe Gerstandt – for flying his freak flag and encouraging me to fly my own. And for being one of the few who can actually intimidate me.

Thank You…

Matt Charney – for keeping us all grounded, and for inciting the occasional concert hall riot.

Mike VanDervort – for paving the way.

Steve Browne – for being my funk soul brother. And for being genuinely passionate about what he does for his people and his organization every day.

Thank You…

Lance Haun – because he has a posse, and that’s cool.

Neil Morrison – because he’s grumpy, pithy, and British and that makes for amazing stuff.

Benjamin McCall – for being yet another crazy mo fo who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Thank You…

Jay Kuhns – because he’s got the HR goods and he gets it…big time.

Jessica Miller-Merrell – because she’ll take a skype call even when she’s in her PJs.

Susan Avello – because she makes me smile.

John Nykolaizyn – for being my conference bro and for introducing me to Perdomo.

Thank You…

Caty Kobe – for investing in our community and for encouraging her fine-fucking-tastic employer to do the same.

Jen Benz – for teaching me that sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

Margo  Rose – for being one of the first who welcomed me into the fold. And for her compassion…so much of it.

Thank You…

Jennifer McClure –  cuz she’s going places and I want to be there while she does.

China Gorman – because she’s a freakin’ HR sage.

Trish McFarlane – for The HR Evolution…period.

And Finally, Thank You…

To Lori, my dearest wife, who has found a way to put up with all my crazy shit as I experiment with blogging, social media, and the dark side in general.

Thank you all. And to those who I failed to mention, thank you even more.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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  • Jason Seiden

    Love it, Charlie. They say you can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps: well, this is great company!

  • Eric Winegardner

    This, my friend defines your awesomeness…and made my day!
    Thank you for your thanks…and for making my eyes well up with pride for all of the common friends we both cherish. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Lance Haun

    Glad you’re part of my posse! Always.

  • John Nykolaiszyn

    Lemme practice some of my bad español and say “Gracias mi amigo”

  • Jennifer McClure

    And Thank YOU for putting together such an awesome list!

    I’m honored to be mentioned in such great company and so glad to call you my #TrenchHR friend. (I can call you a friend – right?) :)

  • Steve Boese

    I apologize for playing some small part in sucking you into the vortex of Twitter…

    Seriously, thanks for the mention today, very cool to be included. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  • Chris Fields

    This is my favorite post of the month and will probably be for the Holiday Season…Great unselfishness…and I appreciate YOU for being so welcoming and kind to me.

  • Dave Ryan

    Thanks to you for being HRFishbowl (I still think you should just change your name to that 1 name) a great guy, accessible to us all and for saying the shit out loud that other people sometimes might not have the b&*# to do so.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Charlie!

  • Steve Browne

    Dude, this is amazing and I love being even included. The feeling is mutual !!

  • Robin Schooling

    So glad I know you and get to have you in MY circle of awesome peeps! Happy Happy Thanksgiving – and thanks FOR giving.

  • Donna Rogers, SPHR

    Is it that obvious? JK
    Thanks Charlie for continuing to be a leader in growing and building on a wonderful HR community! Honored to be in your thoughts among so many great peeps! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • Michael VanDervort

    Holy crap Charlie…where does this dark tunnel lead anyway? Happy Thanksgiving and rockin 2012 my friend!

  • TalentCulture

    Amazing post by @HRFishbowl: Thank You, Yo. #HR #TChat #dthr

  • Jay Kuhns, SPHR

    #Broseph RT @HRFishbowl: Thank You, Yo. #HR #TChat #dthr #TrenchHR

  • Robin Schooling

    thank YOU Charlie! #honored –> from @hrfishbowl "Thank You, Yo" — #trenchhr

  • Chris Fields

    @HRFishbowl said it best–>Thank You, Yo. via @AddToAny

  • Donna Rogers, SPHR

    RT @HRFishbowl: Thank You, Yo. Thanks Charlie! Love the word art!

  • John Jorgensen

    Charlie, you honor me more than I deserve. Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to continuing our friendship and collaberation in 2012. HR Fishbowl truly rocks.

  • Michael VanDervort

    RT @sbrownehr: Dig the post from @HRFishbowl – connecting us one and all !! – peace my brother !! – #HR #FocusHR

  • Buzz Rooney

    This is so lovely, Charlie! Thank you for saying it >> Thank You, Yo. via @hrfishbowl

  • Laurie Ruettimann

    RT @HRFishbowl: Thank You, Yo. #thanksgiving

  • China Gorman

    No. Thanks YOU! "@HRFishbowl: Thank You, Yo. #thanksgiving"

  • Sage HRMS

    Charlie Judy of @HRFishbowl gives thanks to some of our favorite #HR Pros. Are you on his list? #hrblogs #thanksgiving

  • Jessica Merrell


    That made me laugh. . . and I really do believe that we are making a difference. People are lining up to hear about how HR folks like you are using social media and blogging to grow. It’s been a fun ride and I can see us doing this same thing in 10 years.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks again to all of you!

  • Paul Smith

    It truly is an amazing journey we’re on. You called it when you labeled us ‘soul brothers’ a while back. The riches we receive from your list of folks keeps making us better in our work.
    Thanks for including me in your posse list. You are just as much of an inspiration to me.

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