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I used to carry a lot of stuff around in my head…couldn’t let it go. It was a real problem for me – like I couldn’t sleep. My mind would race constantly about all the crap that needed to be done or stuff that I wished I’d done better or differently. And most of it – if not all of it – was junk I had absolutely no control over. And even if I did, it wasn’t stuff that I was particularly motivated by or even good at. My time, my energy, my emotions, and my brainpower were all better suited for other things. Thankfully, through a series of life’s lessons (learned the hard way), I gradually unloaded the weight…

I stopped worrying about everything from our finances (handed them over entirely to the much more capable hands of my CPA wife) to why my father didn’t play more catch with me as a kid.  I realized that someone or something else could take on those burdens for me; and I gave them up entirely. Now this may seem trivial to you, Mr. Zen Buddhist. But to me, a man who was wound so tight I only breathed in, this was like liberation day. I could focus once more. I was sharp; my creativity spiked. I could even sleep again. Breath out…

This to me is what call center outsourcing, business processing outsourcing (BPO), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and all things HR outsourcing is about. It’s all about letting it go. It’s about exhaling again. Yep, it’s daunting at first. I get it. It’s hard for most of us to detox from that control drug. But you gotta do it, yo. And doing so doesn’t make you weaker…noooo.  It shows you’ve grasped the very simple – yet crucial – realization that you are not and cannot be good at everything. And that’s strong stuff right there.

Jack Welch understood the power of outsourcing long before any of us did. He said, “You shouldn’t have something in your back office that exists in someone else’s front office.” Eight years ago I spent a year in Hyderabad, India building a whole slew of front offices for a really big company. That whole operation was amazing; but it’s nothing compared to how far these services have come. They are mature, adept, lean, and local; their technology makes things seamless – on everything; they understand and are passionate about things like Brand (check Global Response out); they know how to speak your speak; they don’t just complement your business, they become a part of it.

Who in this Human Resources profession doesn’t want to get the hell out of the back office? Who doesn’t want to spend their time on the things that make them more relevant to their employees, their organization, and themselves? That ‘who’ better not be you.

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