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Recruiting: The Year in Review and Predictions for 2012

Sometimes the best content in the blogosphere isn’t produced in the written, but rather the spoken word. In fact, nothing beats a good live discussion and we just don’t do enough of that any more. Every now and then I get the privilege of hosting and moderating a live roundtable on with its resident experts. Last week I was thrilled to do the same with some of my favorite recruitment and talent acquisition gurus in the universe: Lars Schmidt (NPR), Matt Charney (Monster), and Kevin Grossman (HRMarketer.Com). We talked about what’s transpired in the recruitment space in 2011 and what seems to be the biggies for 2012. We talked a bit about candidate experience, even more about technology, and a whole lot about social. We also got into some pretty juicy discussion around how we’re dangerously close to losing the human touch in the world in recruiting…a point-of-view you know is very near and dear to me.

Rather than share the nuggets with you in this forum, let me just strongly encourage you to listen to the (mp3) replay by following the link below. Yes, I could embed it here but that would detract from the real Focus experience.

It’s 45 minutes of goodness. And if you want to get an insiders’ peak into remaining competitive in this tough talent market, it’s 45 minutes well spent. Enjoy it, share it, and let me know what you think…

Image Credit: Museo de Arte Callejero (via Compfight)