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Written on December 4, 2011 by Charlie in #TrenchHR

#TNL (TalentNet Live) is the #1 monthly hashtag chat for recruiters and HR professionals on Twitter. It’s Hosted by Craig Fisher (@Fishdogs) and features big names in recruiting and social media covering the hottest tips and topics of the day for job seekers, social media enthusiasts, and talent professionals. It’s a good gig. Check here for all the details on how to get plugged in.

In 2009 Craig and the crew began presenting a 1 day conference in Dallas, Texas to bring the great information shared on #TNL each month to a training and networking, in-real-life, event.   Some of the top people in Social Media, Social Recruiting, and HR training deliver the latest tips and best practices in the industry. Now they’re doing it all over the place…and this week I’m psyched it’s happening on the ground here in Chicago. So psyched!

I’m going to be live blogging all day from the conference because the content at these conferences moves so fast, and because the best way to contemplate social recruiting is to…well, get social with it. All you have to do is land on my blog during the scheduled time and watch the goodness flow. And you can participate in the dialog from wherever you are. Here’s what I plan on hitting up…

10:45-11:30 Recruiting is Local (Presentation) John Sumser
11:35-12:15 HR Karma Veronica Ludwig
1:00-1:55 Location Based Marketing & Recruitment Amber Osborne
2:00-2:55 Pimp my Profile: Linkedin Optimization Jason Seiden
Craig Fisher

So if you’re stuck behind your boring desk in your boring cube at your boring job, pop in throughout the day on Monday (12/05) and get social with TNL. Live feeds will come to you from CoveritLive – just follow the links above, or go to Cover it Live to follow the schedule. We’re looking forward to bringing you into the mix…

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