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I love it when an HR professional comes across the social-media-sphere and jumps into it feet first. I love it even more when they go out of their way to parlay those on-line connections into personal ones. And I love it even even more more when they have something to say that’s actually worth listening to. And that’s why I love Chris Fields. He’s a blogger in is own right and working hard to refine his platform and message. So I wanted him to share some of his goodness here…and that’s why today’s guest post comes from him. Read it and then tell him what you think. 

How dare we be so bold? We HR professionals are way too cocky these days; we get so caught up in our own bullshit (wait, can I say ‘bullsh*t’? Oh yeah, this is HRFishbowl!)  We think we’re “all that and a bag o’ chips.” We’re constantly blogging about our accomplishments and experiences – telling you what you should or should not do, simply because “we said so.” Man, we are full of ourselves.

And it’s cool, for the most part. I really don’t mind it. If you can walk the talk, then by all means do so. But where that falls down is when we elevate ourselves from the rank and file. When we lose touch with who we are and why we’re there.

Here’s an example that has never been more relevant: While we’re the ones that execute the lay-offs, create strategic exit plans, and blindside the innumerable poor soul with the untimely pink slip and cardboard box, we’re also the first ones to be so shocked when we end up on the receiving end of a termination. I’m dumbfounded by this.  Do you know how many HR people I’ve heard express their utter distaste for, frustration with, and anger over their having been let go? Of all people, we should be the ones who can shrug this crap off as “just business.” Because mostly that’s all it really is. Until, of course, it affects us…and then it’s personal.

Now that’s audacious. For you to think you are any different than the employees you’re there to serve is simply messed-up. You – of all people – can never take that stance. Maybe we should stop talking about ourselves as if we were a different breed. Hell, we have so many damn Twitter hashtags devoted to our profession that you’d think we were trying to represent the genesis of a new race.

Sure, we’re ’HR’. But we are first and foremost ‘employees.’ That’s where we should start…that should always be our primary reference and point-of-view. And if it is, maybe all the other stuff will fall more cleanly into its place. And maybe…just maybe…we’ll shed some of that audacity.

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