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The Only Question for 2012

I have one question for you (at least for now). It’s loaded, for sure. It’s also universally relevant (whether you’re an HR Professional, Manager, Employee, Student). It is at the root of changing the world of work as we know it. It is about taking ownership for a plight. It’s about talking less about the problem and more about the solution. It’s about acknowledging that we’re as much a part of the solution as we are the problem. It’s about taking back what we’ve lost. And here it is…

“What are you going to do to make work suck less in 2012?”

Reflect upon this for a moment or seven. And as soon as the bulb lights up, share your thoughts with us here. This is a living and breathing HR and workplace blog with bunches and bunches of readers and subscribers. You all have some perspective on this and I’m asking you to provide it here. Your list doesn’t need to be long – hell, it doesn’t even need to be a list. Your answer certainly doesn’t have to be complex or mind-altering – in fact, it probably shouldn’t be. But whatever it is, it should reflect what YOU intend to do about what many in this world believe has become a downright mess…

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  • William Tincup

    work harder on the shit that matters and let the trivial shit go… work will suck less then… for all involved…

  • Heather Bussing

    Quit earlier (work day and on things that aren’t working out)
    Spend less time with digital rectangles of all sizes
    Spend more time thinking
    Say No to weasels, then ignore them.
    Remember my time and attention are limited, nonrenewable resources.
    Say what I think even if it’s not, especially when it’s not, what people want to hear.
    Be willing to be wrong and change my mind.
    Remember that caring does not require fixing

  • Bert de Jong

    It’s not my work that sucks, but some of the people I have to work with… So, my resolution for 2012: I’m going to focus on the people that wanna move forward and ignore all the negative energy.

  • Professional Search

    Quit trying to use my phone like a PC, use it like a phone and let everybody else go blind staring at a 31/2 inch screen thinking they are cool while they develop one eye in the middle of their forehead.

    Start smiling knowingly at folks who think they have a personal brand. products have brands, people have reputations. If they want to be a brand i find it amusing that they now have a shelf life.

  • SimonDanser

    Work for your boss as if it were you owned the business

  • Rachael

    Get in – do 8 hours of solid work and then GO HOME (to do something else of my choosing)…. :) Continue to read and study.

  • Gurprriet Siingh-Joy

    1. Redefine what makes me happy
    2. Ensure that 80% of my time is invested doing work that makes me happy
    It’s possible. I’ve done it before. I can do it again.

  • Jay Kuhns

    I’m going to stop worrying about making everythig perfect. If I’m not worried about mistakes, my team and I can innovate our asses off.

  • Anonymous

    yes…be relevant!

  • Anonymous

    love this list! love it! i really like the last one…that has always been tough for me. thanks for the input!

  • Anonymous

    ahh, the negative energy. when you figure out how to ignore it, please come back and let us know. this is tough!

  • Anonymous

    good stuff. your brand has a shelf-life, but it can in fact evolve…

  • Anonymous

    interesting concept. what does that entail? share more…

  • Anonymous

    yes. if we could all use our 8 hours more wisely, we’d have more of them to do the things we really want and need to do. good counsel!

  • Anonymous

    a little cognitive therapy goes a long way…

  • Anonymous

    yes. yes. yes. this is the first step to making waves, my friend. well said!

  • Michelle

    1. Stop worrying so much what other people think and try to be the best version of myself I can be (even if it isn’t good enough for others).
    2. Continue my mission of getting rid of company policies written for the minority so supervisors don’t have to do their job.
    3. Provide tools and resources so supervisors know what to do and how to do it.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the list, michelle – all great things for you (and us) to be committed too. i hate those policies that are written for the minority (few offenders)…and sometimes they seem like they are all written for the minority.

  • Doug Shaw

    Jay – that is so cool :)

  • Paula M Loehrer

    For 2012 our Leaders are working on “Be Here Now”, this could be a frame of mind when interacting with employees and co-workers; to engage, be focused. More importantly, leave the cell phone, IPAD, etc. out of the meeting. Too often we see employees in meetings distracted while checking emails, etc. If you are physically attending the meeting then “Be Here Now”. How does this make work “suck” less? It sends a message to employees that Leaders are engaged and interested. This same concept works well in my personal life with family and friends. No cell phone at dinner, etc. It’s a great habit to break and has been a stress buster!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE THIS! “Be Here Now” <===I'm going to share this all over the place!