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The Entity of You

If you were a product, would you fly off the shelves? If you were a show, would there be lines out the door? If you were a mineral, would you be mined? If you were a book, would you become a movie? If you were publicly traded, would you be Wall Street’s darling?

If you were a fashion, would you be timeless? If you were the news, would you hit the front page? If you were a drug, would you be on every corner?  If you were a song, would toes tap? If you were the weather, would you be watched? If you were a house, would you be a home? If you were a wine, would you be ready to drink?

If you were an image, would you hang in a gallery? If you were a dog, would you be best in show? If you were a law, would you be upheld? If you were a disaster, would you be a state of emergency? If you were a day, would you fall on the weekend? If you were a dance, would your card be full’? If you were a meal, would you be someone’s last?

You are an entity; is that entity you?

Image Credit: DerrickT (via Compfight)

  • Staffing Services

    As a provider of staffing services, this really resonates with me in the HR world becasue we are constantly finding potential candidates to fill job openings. But the key is figuring out if their skills and how they “brand” themselves fit the company that may be hiring. I find this concept of branding one self very interesting and in this culture it is a neccessary action inorder to stand out from the crowd.

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