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I received a number of emails and DMs after the rollout of Fistful of Talent’s HR Blog Power Rankings v.8 with sympathetic cries of “injustice” that I didn’t make this year’s list. I see this as a great opportunity to set the record straight on a couple of things.

While I appreciate your patronage, your readership, and your loyalty, whether you or anyone else likes what I write is of little consequence to me. I don’t really blog for you and I certainly don’t blog for Fistful of Talent. I blog for one person and one person only: Charlie Judy (that’s me). Is that selfish? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

I don’t blog for a living nor do I have any intention of ever doing so. I don’t care if my subscriber ranks are 400 or 40,000. I don’t care how many hits I get a month. I don’t feel compelled to post once a day or even once a week. I only feel compelled to post what I want when I want. And if you like what I post and choose to engage in the dialog I think that’s really cool. And if you don’t, I think that’s even cooler.

Do I think ‘Top Lists’ have a place in this world? Of course they do. I’ve been on the FOT list twice and I respect (pretty much) everyone who writes over there. They have great perspective on the HR blogosphere and they are more than entitled to their opinion. But I offer my caution to two groups…

To the aspiring blogger: do not take any one of these lists as any indication whatsoever as to how well you blog and whether or not you have a voice. The beauty of blogging is that everyone has a voice. Don’t let the attraction of being recognized as the “Top” at anything drive what you do every day. Start with whether what you’re doing and how you’re doing it brings YOU any pleasure.

To the HR blog reader: pay attention to these lists. But don’t rely on them entirely. Find and read what YOU like and don’t let anyone tell you what you should like.

Last week someone tweeted out the following about this blog: “@HRFishbowl shoots from the hip and says ‘up yours’ if you don’t like it – he’s real bcz he writes 4 himself not an audience.” Sorry, but that right there is really the only kind of list I need to be on.

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  • Seth McColley

    Charlie…great post. I, for one, am a fan and regular HR Fishbowl reader. I’m buying what you’re selling, brother. As an aspiring/soon-to-be HR blogger, your advice is encouraging and a good reminder about what it should all be about and what our motives should NOT be. Keep it coming!

  • Buzz Rooney

    Thank you for saying this , Charlie! I needed to hear it.

    Tha is for doing what you do and just being all around awesome!

  • Chris Fields

    Couldn’t have side it better, and no diss-respect to the listed or list makers. But someone is always left off a list. I do not blog for listings. I blog for the reasons I blog… Well said sir.

  • Neil Morrison

    These lists are and have always been full of c**p. OK, so they serve a purpose in the same way that the top ten serves a purpose. But would anyone suggest that the top ten are the best songs that exist? Or the NY Times has the best works of literature? These are broad markets and we work in a broad market. It doesn’t mean that the listed blogs are bad nor that the unlisted ones are good. Different people, different interests.

    For what it is worth, I’ve never liked your blog nor anything that you say.

    For what it is worth, I’m always taking the piss too…… :)

  • Trish McFarlane

    You’ve been in this rodeo long enough to appreciate that meaningful recognition comes from many places. I hear you that you write for yourself, I’m like that too. The most meaningful feedback of all is when someone tells me that something I wrote made them think, helped them question their beliefs, aided them through a situation, etc. You have done all those things for me and more. I may not have an award to bestow, but know that even though you do not write FOR me, I certainly pretend that you do. Keep pushing me.

  • Tim Gardner

    And THAT is exactly why I do have HR Fishbowl on MY list.

  • hrfishbowl

    @Seth – thanks for the support – can’t wait to watch you jump head-on into the blogging scene.

    @Buzz – keep focused on YOUR prize

    @Chris – we’re glad you blog for all the right reasons

    @Trish – you are, as you know, a kindred spirit; and you are one of two very important women who are entirely responsible for teaching me and encouraging me to tell it like i see it. an unending thanks for that…

    @Tim – i’m so pleased to be on your list. hope to see you again soon!

  • Laurie Ruettimann

    ‘shoots from the hip and says ‘up yours’ if you don’t like it – he’s real bcz he writes 4 himself not an audience.’ – UR SO REAL! (you are. truly.)

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  • hrfishbowl

    @Neil – Dry. British. Handsome. What’s not to like about you?

    @Laurie – and you are that other “very important woman.” thank you.