Just Do It. Now.

This isn’t advice I’d give every day. In fact, just by saying it I risk backtracking much of the path I have trodden. So I’m going to say it quickly and we’re not going to dwell on it.

If I’m your boss and I ask you to do something, you get an opportunity to discuss it with me…I want you to. In fact, I’ll even let you debate it with me. And I’ll listen to what you have to say, I’ll give it its due. But when I’ve made my decision, I’m done. I don’t (really) care what you think any more. It’s time to do what I ask you to do. Move on. Nod your head, smile, and get at it. Stop telling me why you can’t or why you shouldn’t do it. Stop giving me reasons why it won’t work and start telling me what we need to to do make it work. And don’t do it begrudgingly…

Do it with energy, optimism, and curiosity.

Do it because you might just learn something.

And if nothing else, do it because I’m the boss and you are not.

Thank you. That. Is. All.

Image Credit: Tal Bright

  • http://twitter.com/atlscgrad Michael Mullady

    So so so so true!!! thank you!

  • hrfishbowl

    thanks, michael. by the way, your is officially the 1,000th comment on HR Fishbowl. Congrats!!!!!

  • Trish McFarlane

    Standing and applauding!

  • CBK

    I like the “do it with energy, optimism & curiosity” part. You’re right, we just might learn something. It’s the cup half full version of “I’ll do it and we’ll see who was right!” Doing something to prove someone was wrong isn’t a productive or healthy approach.

  • hrfishbowl

    thank you, trish.

  • hrfishbowl

    i hate those people who have that ambition to say ” i told you so.” hate them.