We Lose Sleep, Others Lose Their Lives

U.S. Memorial Day is upon us. A good time to hit the pools, BBQ, and drink. What U.S. holiday would be complete without those things? I always find this a great time, though, to reflect upon the value and importance of what we do every day. It’s tough for me to keep things in perspective sometimes. I know we don’t save lives as HR professionals, but I still think we do important stuff. And I hope you all think that way…it’s what builds that fire in your belly. It becomes a problem, though, when we take it too far. And most of the time we’re the ones to blame for putting that pressure on ourselves. That’s what causes us to obsess, to stress, to stay late, to come in early, to lose sleep, and to handle our smart devices like a meth addict in need of a fix.

On Monday we pause to recognize those brave men and women who were willing to die for our Country. That level of commitment, sacrifice, and value goes far beyond anything you and I do every day. Let’s try to keep that perspective in mind when we go back to our lives on Tuesday. What we do is important – and thanks for doing it – but it’s not worth the sleep we lose.

Happy Memorial Day.

Photo Credit: Beverly & Pack

  • http://twitter.com/kris_dunn Kris Dunn

    +1. God Bless those that came before us, and the heros who have fallen in our generation as well. Can’t do enough to honor them.


  • hrfishbowl

    +1 x 10