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Vacation Archives: “Hey, CEO, Stop Being Such a Baby!”


I'm taking a break this week.  In observance of this well deserved rest, however, I won't be writing anything new for the next few days.  You'll live...believe me.  I will, however, treat you to a post from the archives now and then.  So check back and enjoy them! The first one was written and posted ...

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Please bear with me…

The HR Fishbowl is under major renovation and reorganization...thanks for your patience as I complete construction and get back to writing.  In the meantime, don't give up on the Fishbowl as a terrific venue for discussing and considering the advancement of Human Resources through the "back to basics" simplification of the caring and feeding of our people.  Thanks!

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Bang Head Here

Just wanted to post a quick note to my regular readers (all 16 of you) that my day job right now has me running in so many directions that the idea of even looking at my blog is inconceivable.  Although I plan on ...

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