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Really Good At + Really Want to Do

My family is in the midst of a relocation. This is nothing really new to us. Since 1996, we've lived in 7 cities in three countries on three continents. One of my daughters was born in Chicago, the other in St. Louis. We think ...

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The Diva Quandary: Earning Entitlement

We all love a good Diva. Well we do when it involves VH1, People, Star, and Reality Rehab Shows. But in the workplace? I think not. As it turns out - and I know you all can attest to this - corporate America is a veritable breeding ground for Divas. While ...

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That burger looks tasty…I think.

I love how fast food commercials - Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King...pick your favorite - blatantly misrepresent their fare. Never has a burger looked so damn good - cheese perfectly melted, lettuce and tomato crisp and sparkling with dew drops, and ...

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Wanna Lead? Be Vivid!


If you missed the SHRM 2010 Annual Conference and Exposition closing session with Marcus Buckingham, you pretty much missed the SHRM 2010 Annual Conference and Exposition. There was a lot of good content this week, but Marcus really capped it all off. His presentation dripped of relevant, thought provoking, and inspirational insights for ...

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Applied Mathematics and HR? Yeah Right.

applied mathematics

Korn Ferry celebrated its 40th anniversary in the executive search space last year and since acquiring Lominger in 2006, they've been in the research based leadership development business too.  Ken De Meuse, Ph.D, associate vice president of Intellectual Property Research, and J. Evelyn Orr, M.A., intellectual property development consultant, spoke to ...

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