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The Business of Scout, Jem, and Boo.

to kill a mockingbird

When I close my eyes, I recall the oppressive heat of my mother's un-air-conditioned 19th century home, the respite of a summer thunderstorm, the comforting sound of cicadas at dusk, and the first time I began to develop the sense that everything in-this-world was going to be alright. That sense came as I disappeared onto the ...

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The Care and Feeding of Your CFO


If there's one position in the organizational construct that most HR leaders have trouble connecting with, I'm betting it's the CFO. Judging by the packed house at Karl Ahlrichs' presentation at the SHRM 2010 Annual Conference, my bet would have paid off. Entitled "Thinking Inside the Box - The Care and Feeding of ...

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Approach Becomes Reproach

chew toy

I've spent a lot of time recently talking with prospective employers, prospective clients, and just about any one who will listen.  Those conversations have opened my eyes to something I should have gotten a clue to long ago: People don't hate me because I am better than they are; they hate me because

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HR Humanization Series, Introduction

So any one who has wasted their time following my blog over the last 6 months knows that I'm big on little.  My premise is that HR's relentless pursuit to elevate its stature in the business community through lofty strategic thinking has resulted in our losing focus on those things that have a more meaningful impact ...

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Pick Me…Ohh Ohh Pick Me!

I was not one of those kids who was picked first on the playground nor was I the one who was picked last.  Average performer...story of my life.  I can distinctly recall, though, feeling a pit in my stomach watching those last two kids waiting ...

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