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Loving you for your Faults

There are very few organizations out there who actually get (and honor) the distinct difference between filling a position for sake of filling it and filling a position for the sake of advancing the company's cause. It's partially why most organizations have a perpetually ...

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The Unintended Consequences of Stupid Hiring Policies


I ran into a company the other day that had the very stringent requirement that all of their Vice Presidents - administrative, sales, clinical - must have a Master's Degree. They follow this requirement to the letter. They are willing to hire professionals at the Director level if they are at least pursuing a ...

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Recruitment is a Commodity. Make it an Experience!


Gerry Crispin, Principal with CareerXroads, is a recruiting icon. He's on a very short list, at least in my mind, of people who have meaningful insights and practical recommendations for improving the "Recruitment Experience" - insights and recommendations for both the employer and the job seeker. I had the privilege of spending some time with ...

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An Employee Suggestion Box that Rocks!


I really haven't spent a lot of time down on the Expo floor at SHRM's 2010 Annual Conference.  If you've ever been to a large industry show, you know that the floor is loaded with over-zealous vendors pushing the "latest and greatest" to throngs of people who at the end of the day probably have ...

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Time Kills All Deals…


When I was building a recruiting engine and a team to support it over in Hyderabad, India for Deloitte, many of my recruiters were fond of saying (to the point of exhaustion) that "time kills all deals." After all, candidates had options...and lots of them. And to make it harder, the value proposition ...

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