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The 20 Second Rule

I was sitting in a meeting the other day with a bunch of IT folks who were giving an update on a recent system implementation. Pretty much everything was on schedule and progressing as planned. Every thing but one crucial component: the single-sign-on capability ...

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Time Kills All Deals…


When I was building a recruiting engine and a team to support it over in Hyderabad, India for Deloitte, many of my recruiters were fond of saying (to the point of exhaustion) that "time kills all deals." After all, candidates had options...and lots of them. And to make it harder, the value proposition ...

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Stop Trying to be Smarter than a 5th Grader!

smarter than a 5th grader

HR is notorious for making the lives of others more difficult.  Policies, rules, forms, processes, paperwork...stuff that gets in the way of the business.  The business needs some of it, but it doesn't need it to be a nuisance.  And most of it, unfortunately, is a nuisance. So as an HR professional, you're starting off ...

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Why Bother?

How often do you take time to question the reasonableness, or idiocy, of what's being asked of you and your team?  When's the last time you made a substantially complete inventory of all the things your team does and ask, "why?"  Why on earth do we do this? 

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Take my Hand and Hold it…NOW!

The other day I overheard an HR professional talking with her colleague about an employee who had missed the deadline to file their benefits enrollment.  Her comment was, "we aren't here to hold their hands, (explitive); they should learn to follow instructions."  There was ...

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