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The Not-So-Back-Office: Stephanie Kempa, a Mile Wide and Deep


This (relatively) regular feature is designed to expose the "Trench HR" community (HR people practicing in a corporate environment - private or public) to leaders who have found success in our profession.  This interview with Stephanie Kempa, Senior HR Director with Hewlett-Packard (HP), was conducted, condensed, and in some cases paraphrased by Charlie Judy. ...

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Write Drunk, Edit Sober…

ernest hemingway

Ernest Hemingway once said, "write drunk and edit sober."  That's just one of many pieces of advice I've received (and read) on blogging.  Another is to try and post at least every other day.  The former piece of advice has been much easier for me than the later.  And despite having just returned from ...

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The Not-So-Back-Office: Steve Browne’s Job is Selling Pizza

steve browne

This interview with Steve Browne, Executive Director of Human Resources for LaRosa's Pizza, Inc., was conducted, condensed, and in some cases paraphrased by Charlie Judy. Q. Why did you pick HR? A. I had ambitions of being a chemical engineer until one day in college I watched an honors chemistry professor completely disregard the ...

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The Not-So-Back-Office

pull the curtain back

The HR Profession has its fair share of pundits.  You've already heard me harp on about how those who seem to be most vocal, though, rarely have the real stuff to back it up. And by stuff, I mean actually having served as an HR leader or professional in a corporate environment - managing ...

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