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Really Good At + Really Want to Do

My family is in the midst of a relocation. This is nothing really new to us. Since 1996, we've lived in 7 cities in three countries on three continents. One of my daughters was born in Chicago, the other in St. Louis. We think ...

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Thought Leaders: 800 is Better than 1

Joe and Jason, the guys over at the TalentAnarchy, sparked a good debate the other day about the role of Twitter and Social Media in (HR) Conferences; people have argued over whether the "unconference" is more effective than the traditional conference; and ...

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Who needs a course? Just get rid of them!

I posted a miserable 5 times in August. And a couple of them don't really count because I was just whining. I've been in the midst of finding my way on a new job, but that excuse is running thin. So I profess to be back. ...

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