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show me the money2

We're on the last vacation of the summer. It hasn't been our favorite so far, but it's nice to have a change of pace. I've been on the golf course a couple of times, we've been out on the water a bunch, and the girls are relatively well behaved. Not much more you can ask ...

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Throwing HR to the Jellyfish

A recent HR Executive article, "Lowering the Bar on Performance", caused a stir in my belly today (aggravated by the two donuts and large latte I had just consumed - my 4 year old's penchant for sweets is going to be ...

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Executive Comp Programs Shouldn't Make You Blush

The Wall Street Journal had a great article this morning entitled "No More Executive Bonuses."  The author's argument is that "the problem isn't that they are poorly designed.  The problem is that they exist."  Now I'm an "executive" in my company - ...

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Where's my Agent?

So I have this idea about how we set base compensation every year - I've floated it in front of Execs and HR pros alike.  More often than not, my idea is met with some question about how much crack ...

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