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The Influential Squander

Michael Eisner is all sorts of excited about his new book, Working Together. He's all over the airwaves, the tube, and the web promoting its virtues. This is a man who spent four decades in the entertainment and media business and ...

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7 Wasted Days…


I was one of those kids parents tried to get rid of at every opportunity so being sent off to Maine or Michigan for month-long sessions of summer camp was an annual occurrence. I usually kicked and screamed - not wanting to leave my friends and their sure-to-be-boring-as-hell plans. But once I actually ...

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The Business of Scout, Jem, and Boo.

to kill a mockingbird

When I close my eyes, I recall the oppressive heat of my mother's un-air-conditioned 19th century home, the respite of a summer thunderstorm, the comforting sound of cicadas at dusk, and the first time I began to develop the sense that everything in-this-world was going to be alright. That sense came as I disappeared onto the ...

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Pig Heads Belong at BBQs


Blogging about politics, in my mind, is kind of like talking about it at the dinner table.  It spoils appetites (although, the number of actual political blogs out there would suggest otherwise). Writing about it on an HR blog is even worse.  But I'm going to do it today...kind of.  And I promise I'll weave ...

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Conformity is a Big Fat Rung on the Corporate Ladder


The end must be near, hell might freeze over, and I could swear I just saw a pig sprout wings.  Why?  Because one of my best friends from college is getting married and no one thought that was possible...ever.  He's the last to go.  He's a man's man.  He parties like a 70's rock star. ...

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