Stop watching the damn clock…

beeperI hate the reputation that HR carries as being a bunch of clock watchers.  I’ve come across a number of tweets around this lately (e.g. @Chorazin: @EchoLegacy Yeah, HR is normally a 8-5, weekdays only type department.)  I have to admit that the reputation is probably well deserved.  It discourages me when my own team locks the doors and turns the lights off at 17:00 on the dot.  I started staggering schedules so we’d at least have more visibility.  In today’s world of constant contact and remote capabilities, shouldn’t we tailor our availability to respond?  A couple of my managers have blackberries and they’re usually pretty good at responding to them.  But should we always have some one who is widely understood to be “on call”?  After all, IT does it…right?  I’m thinking this isn’t a bad idea…just another (simple) way to heighten our level of client service.  Most of you are probably saying “duh.”  Sorry..I’m still slow on the uptake.  Just wish I could find a way to keep a light on (literally and figuratively) in the HR department until every one else goes home.

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  1. Jennifer
    October 21, 2009 | 4:16 pm

    Interesting post. Just because HR (or any other employee) leaves the office at 5:00 p.m. doesn’t always mean their done working for the day. I think the focus should be about results and not watching the clock. I’m leaving on time tonight, but I’ll be online later, working…

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