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An HR Lesson, Care of BP (and Radiohead): No Surprises!

no surprises

There are lots of reasons I think BP is headed for the deep dark depths of the ocean floor; to fix the oil leak is just one of them. The most telling, though, is the way Tony Hayward responded to the congressional committee last week. Put aside the arguments as to whether or not ...

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Vacation Archives: “Hey, CEO, Stop Being Such a Baby!”


I'm taking a break this week.  In observance of this well deserved rest, however, I won't be writing anything new for the next few days.  You'll live...believe me.  I will, however, treat you to a post from the archives now and then.  So check back and enjoy them! The first one was written and posted ...

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Executive Comp Programs Shouldn't Make You Blush

The Wall Street Journal had a great article this morning entitled "No More Executive Bonuses."  The author's argument is that "the problem isn't that they are poorly designed.  The problem is that they exist."  Now I'm an "executive" in my company - ...

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Dear Mr. CEO, stop being such a baby

I was talking with a CFO buddy of mine last night - he's with a large telecommunications organization - 5,000+ employees.  Anyway, he was complaining about their HR Leader and his inability to integrate successfully with the rest of the leadership team.  He expanded by suggesting the HR Leader ...

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Your Daily Dose of Reality

So I put a quick poll on LinkedIn the other day - "Are HR Execs CEO Material?"  We had 65 responses in the last week...not great, but ok for somewhat of a statistical sample.  It also generated some good dialogue in some of the ...

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