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Nonsensical HR

I caught a tweet the other day from an unnamed tweep who was suggesting that even though she had a big HR exam the next day, she wasn't stressed because HR was "common sense."  I fumed on this a bit.  Then I realized I myself have made ...

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HR: the Place where Smart goes to Die

I came across a Tweet from one @hulach today and it incited a riot in my head.  He says "2 years ago I met a HR manager...really smart.  After 2 years, smart turned stupid!" Aside from being quite pithy - and ...

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Hire Fewer PHRs and More CPAs

We hear it over and over and over and over and over again - HR just doesn't understand the business.  Maybe we're hearing it less, but we're still hearing it.  How many people on your HR team can read a balance sheet, income statement, cash ...

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