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I Say the Resume Tsunami is Nothing More Than a Drop in the Bucket

I'm a Deloitte alum and usually pay attention to what comes out of their Human Capital group.  Rarely is it directionally unsound, but often it contains a bit too much of the "No Duh Factor."  Recently they undertook a study that ...

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Hire Fewer PHRs and More CPAs

We hear it over and over and over and over and over again - HR just doesn't understand the business.  Maybe we're hearing it less, but we're still hearing it.  How many people on your HR team can read a balance sheet, income statement, cash ...

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Who's doing the talking?

I know most of us aren't privileged enough to work for organizations that have their own Communications or PR departments. Sometimes Investor Relations takes over on this front for those of us with public companies. But more often than not, the responsibility (implicitly) falls on HR. ...

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