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So we Caught the Car. Now What?!

dog car

There's been a lot of talk in the HR blogosphere lately around "TrenchHR" (HR professionals actually practicing in a corporate environment - private or public) needing to get more active in publicly promoting, advancing, and influencing the practice of Human Resources (See HR Capitalist, HR Whisperer, CareerLifeConnection, FistfulofTalent). The perceived imbalance ...

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Lighten Up and Lead! Pegine Echevarria

pegine echevarria

This interview with Pegine Echevarria, Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Team-Builder, and Founder of Team Pegine, Inc., was conducted, condensed, and in some cases paraphrased by Charlie Judy. Pegine will be speaking at the upcoming SHRM 2010 Annual Conference and Exposition in San Diego. Her Mega Session, Lighten Up and Lead, is scheduled for ...

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Approach Becomes Reproach

chew toy

I've spent a lot of time recently talking with prospective employers, prospective clients, and just about any one who will listen.  Those conversations have opened my eyes to something I should have gotten a clue to long ago: People don't hate me because I am better than they are; they hate me because

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