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Approach Becomes Reproach

chew toy

I've spent a lot of time recently talking with prospective employers, prospective clients, and just about any one who will listen.  Those conversations have opened my eyes to something I should have gotten a clue to long ago: People don't hate me because I am better than they are; they hate me because

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Seriously, is it really that much to ask?


Most of you know that I'm out in the job market.  2.5 good years with my most recent employer ended only after a long drawn out bankruptcy and capital restructuring effort.  As with all experiences, I am thankful for my time there - learned a lot along the way.  As I contemplate my next move ...

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What’s your Ideological Discount?

I had a chance to hear Stuart Bunderson, Professor at Washington University's Olin School of Business, speak about building organizations which employees feel deeply connected with and committed to.  The basis for his presentation was the extensive research he did on Zookeepers...yes, your ...

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Pick Me…Ohh Ohh Pick Me!

I was not one of those kids who was picked first on the playground nor was I the one who was picked last.  Average performer...story of my life.  I can distinctly recall, though, feeling a pit in my stomach watching those last two kids waiting ...

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Fewer Pansy HR Courses at B-School, Please

When I was in business school - back...back...way back - there were only three areas of emphasis one could elect as an undergraduate - Accounting, Finance, or Marketing.  I choose Accounting only because it seemed the easiest way to get a job...worked out ok for me.  ...

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