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Seriously, is it really that much to ask?


Most of you know that I'm out in the job market.  2.5 good years with my most recent employer ended only after a long drawn out bankruptcy and capital restructuring effort.  As with all experiences, I am thankful for my time there - learned a lot along the way.  As I contemplate my next move ...

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Bench the Player/Coach

Has anyone else out there given up on the idea that Managers have to be good developers of people?  I'm close...real close.  I'm not saying they can't be or they shouldn't be.  I am just saying that if they aren't, they should get the ...

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Where's my Agent?

So I have this idea about how we set base compensation every year - I've floated it in front of Execs and HR pros alike.  More often than not, my idea is met with some question about how much crack ...

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Guess What…Employee Satisfaction Don't Mean Diddly

The Street had an interesting blog post the beginning of this month re: the efficacy of HR's focus on "Employee Satisfaction".  Known in HR circles now as "Employee Engagement" (which has unfortunately become just a fluffed up version of Employee Satisfaction in many organizations), the ...

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Who's doing the talking?

I know most of us aren't privileged enough to work for organizations that have their own Communications or PR departments. Sometimes Investor Relations takes over on this front for those of us with public companies. But more often than not, the responsibility (implicitly) falls on HR. ...

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