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If You’re Not Out There, You’re Nowhere

Many of you know I recently lost my job as the Senior Vice President of Shared Services at a multi-national public company.  My position was eliminated as a result of a year long restructuring effort which culminated with Chapter 11 bankruptcy and impending change ...

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Hey, Brother, You're Big

It seems like a lot of organizations are looking to HR to solve this ever so scary issue of social media in the workplace: what if our employees are saying naughty things...what if they're gossiping...what if they are bad mouthing the company...and what if, my ohh my, they ...

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Punk Rock HR Question: Social Media, Employers, and Passwords

So the discussion at Punk Rock HR all seems on point to me - no contest on this one.  The internal debate I'm starting to have, though, is whether or not employers should be restricting access to social media sites at all.  I understand the business case - it certainly can interfere (and I myself ...

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