Best Trench HR Blog Posts of 2012 | HR Fishbowl

When I started down this blasted blogging path almost three years ago, there were three things that were particularly tantalizing about the prospect. First: Catharsis! I was going through a particularly challenging time with my current employer and it was a good way for me to vent. Second: I realized I wasn’t as deeply connected with my … Read more

Don't Ever Eclipse Results | HR Fishbowl

I’m a Jack Welch fan. I’m obviously not afraid to admit this. I admire the man not only for what he accomplished during his reign at GE, but also for what he’s passed on to countless leaders and talent-based organizations about optimizing performance and generally creating meaningful career experiences. On Wednesday, Jack pissed off a … Read more

Always Looking | HR Fishbowl

Written on May 1, 2012 by Charlie in Career, Talent Acquisition I got an Email from one of my subscribers – (s)he will remain anonymous – who asked me, “is it illegal for an employer to fire you for searching for another job?” It’s not the first time I’ve been asked this question. And it’s … Read more

Zero to Hate in Two Seconds | HR Fishbowl

I struggled with whether I should even attempt to tackle this topic. But Ozzie Guillen and his shenanigans are just too juicy to pass up. For those of you who could give two shits about the wide world of sports (and I applaud you) or have been holed up in your parent’s dark and dank … Read more

The TSA: A Lesson in Employment Risk | HR Fishbowl

Written on April 17, 2012 by Charlie in Risk Management, Trench HR The Wall Street Journal had a great piece in their most recent weekend edition on “Why Airport Security is Broken – and How to Fix it.” I don’t care how much you travel; read this piece and you’ll find yourself nodding your head, … Read more

Hey Ladies | HR Fishbowl

Way back in 1993, Deloitte, a company I spent the first 13 years of my career with, founded its Women’s Initiative. When it came out, many of us scratched our heads and our puny little brains. There was lots of grumbling – mostly from the old white men who started to feel the vice grip … Read more

Guest Post: It's About the Candidates Finding You | HR Fishbowl

Social Media’s has infiltrated the workplace, yes. And many organizations have advanced their capabilities in leading-edge fashion. HR departments far and wide are scrambling to figure out how to exploit its benefits while protecting the organization from the corresponding risk of doing so. Despite this activity, many organizations just haven’t gotten on-board yet with social … Read more