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Can I get an ‘Amen’, Greg Smith?

Former Goldman Sachs Executive, Greg Smith, is exactly the kind of wake up call corporate America needs right now. Whether you think he’s got shit for brains or monster balls for broadcasting his resignation from Goldman Sachs to the world via his scathing New York Times Op Ed piece is irrelevant. Does it really matter whether he’s…


Guest Post: The Stink on Workplace Bathrooms

I’ve gotten to know Alicia Jones through good old fashioned Trench HR networking. She is an enthusiastic HR professional with over 10 years of HR generalist experience working for small to mid-sized companies. Currently, Alicia is working for a small biotech firm and pursuing her bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. She’s active in our Trench HR…


Out of the Building, Seat at the Table

Any (reasonable) HR Professional will tell you that offering flexibility in the workplace is rapidly becoming as much a business imperative as paying your employees every two weeks. If you aren’t keeping up with today’s trends in flexibility, you are a laggard. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you’ll fix it. More and more…


Hoarders Hard at Work

I’d like to talk today about hoarding. It’s dirty. It’s nasty. It’s wrong…oh so wrong. And the worst thing about it? It’s a terribly selfish disease: it’s all about you, but it destroys everyone around you. No I’m not talking about that silly hoarding disorder when throwing away your newspapers is quite simply out of…


Pig Heads Belong at BBQs


I’m on a little R&R…hope you managed to get away before the start of 2012. While I’m snoozing, enjoy this one from the archives – originally published on May 26, 2010. Blogging about politics, in my mind, is kind of like talking about it at the dinner table.  It spoils appetites (although, the number of…