Take my Hand and Hold it…NOW! | HR Fishbowl

The other day I overheard an HR professional talking with her colleague about an employee who had missed the deadline to file their benefits enrollment.  Her comment was, “we aren’t here to hold their hands, (explitive); they should learn to follow instructions.”  There was a time in my HR career when I would have agreed … Read more

Nonsensical HR | HR Fishbowl

Written on November 6, 2009 by Charlie Judy in Theory I caught a tweet the other day from an unnamed tweep who was suggesting that even though she had a big HR exam the next day, she wasn’t stressed because HR was “common sense.”  I fumed on this a bit.  Then I realized I myself have … Read more

Think Small | HR Fishbowl | HR Fishbowl

Written on November 16, 2009 by Charlie Judy in HR Profession, Theory I usually try to catch Steve Boese’s weekly broadcast of HR Happy Hour.  Unfortunately, the live broadcast is just about the time that my kids are getting ready for bed and my wife is crossing over to the dark side of bi-polar…look out.  … Read more

What I learned from the MO Department of Transportation… « HR Fishbowl

Interstate 64/Highway 40 runs East/West and cuts through the center of St. Louis.  It is a major artery between the city’s business center and suburban sprawl.  And two years ago, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODot) completely shut down a 10 mile stretch to rebuild it. This morning, the entire thoroughfare was reopened and the flow of … Read more

Guess What…Employee Satisfaction Don't Mean Diddly | HR Fishbowl | HR Fishbowl

Written on October 19, 2009 by Charlie Judy in Performance Management The Street had an interesting blog post the beginning of this month re: the efficacy of HR’s focus on “Employee Satisfaction”.  Known in HR circles now as “Employee Engagement” (which has unfortunately become just a fluffed up version of Employee Satisfaction in many organizations), the argument is … Read more

They Play to Win, We Play to Draw | HR Fishbowl

Written on October 29, 2009 by Charlie Judy in Career, HR Profession My four-year old some times tells me she wants to play, but “not a game that’s about winning.”  I can understand that – sometimes the prospect of losing is just too much.  I played the most competitive of sports in High School – … Read more