Guess What…Employee Satisfaction Don’t Mean Diddly « HR Fishbowl

The Street had an interesting blog post the beginning of this month re: the efficacy of HR’s focus on “Employee Satisfaction”.  Known in HR circles now as “Employee Engagement” (which has unfortunately become just a fluffed up version of Employee Satisfaction in many organizations), the argument is that any commitment to improving an employee’s sense of satisfaction has short … Read more

Bench the Player/Coach | HR Fishbowl | HR Fishbowl

Written on October 27, 2009 by Charlie Judy in Performance Management Has anyone else out there given up on the idea that Managers have to be good developers of people?  I’m close…real close.  I’m not saying they can’t be or they shouldn’t be.  I am just saying that if they aren’t, they should get the … Read more

Hey, Brother, You're Big | HR Fishbowl | HR Fishbowl

It seems like a lot of organizations are looking to HR to solve this ever so scary issue of social media in the workplace: what if our employees are saying naughty things…what if they’re gossiping…what if they are bad mouthing the company…and what if, my ohh my, they are doing it all on company time?  Who the flip cares?  … Read more