Best Trench HR Blog Posts of 2012 | HR Fishbowl

When I started down this blasted blogging path almost three years ago, there were three things that were particularly tantalizing about the prospect. First: Catharsis! I was going through a particularly challenging time with my current employer and it was a good way for me to vent. Second: I realized I wasn’t as deeply connected with my … Read more

Guest Post: Don't Get Too Close | HR Fishbowl

Janine N. Truitt is an HR enthusiast based in Long Island, NY. Her experience spans the Healthcare to Scientific industries and has led her to her current role as a Senior Human Resources Representative for Brookhaven National Laboratory.  Her message today is consistent with many I’ve sent before: we walk a fine line in this … Read more

Guest Post: Keep your Head | HR Fishbowl

Michael Mullady, PHR  has over 10 years of HR experience and currently provides HR Business Partner Support for the American Cancer Society’s National Office in Atlanta, GA. Mike has – like many of us – intersected with a Hot Head or two along the way. And he reminds us that we have to be on the … Read more

What's in a Name? | HR Fishbowl

I’m terrible with names. It’s embarrassing. I could work with you on a project for a week, exchange Emails regularly, and even break bread with you from time to time and still gum up when I have to introduce you to someone. If I had it my way, we’d all go through life with name … Read more

Employment Shelf-Life | HR Fishbowl

I like people. I’m in the business of people. I actually get paid to think about people. Yes, I sure like people. But here’s the deal with people…a.k.a human beings: They’re fickle; they chase shiny objects; they fall in and out of love (and like). Sometimes they’re superstars and sometimes they’re vagabonds. And when it … Read more

Guest Post: The Case for Meditative HR | HR Fishbowl

I lived in Belgium for two years when I was young(er) and single. It was without out a doubt one of the most influencial experiences of my career…certainly of my life. So I will always have a special place in my soul for that little power house…NATO, EU Headquarters, cosmopolitan to quaint, and 450+ beers. … Read more

The Worst Advice | HR Fishbowl

One of the most redeeming things about the social mediasphere is that every now and then you come across someone who renews your faith in your profession; someone who sparks a bit of that hope you’ve been struggling to hold on to; someone who easily inspires us to keep in the game. Lars Schmidt (@ThisIsLars) … Read more

Guest Post: Top Down, Bottom Up | HR Fishbowl

For two and a half years now, I’ve been ranting and raving about needing to balance the Human Resources dialog and debate (echo chamber) that rages through the social-media-sphere with a voice that is more pragmatic – a voice that is based in the real practice of HR in a corporate or industrial environment (Trench … Read more