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Guest Post: The Case for Meditative HR

I lived in Belgium for two years when I was young(er) and single. It was without out a doubt one of the most influencial experiences of my career…certainly of my life. So I will always have a special place in my soul for that little power house…NATO, EU Headquarters, cosmopolitan to quaint, and 450+ beers….


Packing Heat for that Business Trip

I’ve been working on updating an international travel protocol. One would think this is pretty simple: get a passport, buy a ticket, hop a big ‘ole jet airliner, and go. I’ve been on the receiving end of these protocols – spent two years in Belgium and a year in India on assignment. I’ve traveled to every continent and seen…


What (the ‘f) were you thinking? A new calling for HR…


As trusted colleague Mark Stelzner said, if you’re going to earn a couple of new luxury vehicles for giving a speech you should at least spend 30 minutes tailoring it to your audience. We heard a lot of what we’d expect to hear from Al Gore this morning at the SHRM 2010 Annual Conference, but…


Announcing: Global Hooky Day, August 2, 2010


At the rate my current job search is going, I’ll probably have more days away from the office this summer than I care for. In my fond recollection of my employed years, however, it seems to me that right about the first of August a real funk sets in.  There hasn’t been a paid holiday…


Using Global Subtleties in HR Practice

As I was on the elliptical this morning reading Astronomy magazine (for all of about 5 minutes before I had to switch to something my mind could really grasp – Star) it struck me – as it often does these days – how insignificant we all really are in the grand scheme of things.  So break that down…